RO Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems for Well Water

A RO Reverse Osmosis system is considered a POU (Point Of Use) drinking water system.  Most reverse osmosis systems are non-electrical and use the incoming water pressure for their power.  If the water pressure varies it will affect the performance of the reverse osmosis system. Homes using well water have an expansion tank that holds water that is pumped up from the well and held to be ready for use.  As this water is used the pressure in the tank will start dropping.  This will trigger the well pump to deliver more water to the tank from the well.  This causes more fluctuations in the well water pressure in the tank and further damper proper operation of the reverse osmosis system.. 

   Because of these water fluctuations the best RO reverse osmosis system for well water is one with a booster pump.  This will help keep a constant pressure within the reverse osmosis system.

 5 stage reverse osmosis system with pump for well water


Some Reverse Osmosis systems use replacement filters that are referred to as "proprietary".  Many companies use these filters as it limits the availability of where they can be purchased.  Most proprietary filters have a generic version available.  Common proprietary water filters include DuPure, Water Doctors, Culligan, Microline, RainSoft, EcoWater and more......


Easy Filter Finder to Locate Replacement Water Filters

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